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Data Erasure / Destruction

Your data is valuable and if it falls into the wrong hands potentially damaging.

Even dead non-functional Hard Drives have the potential to have data recovered could cause harm to your business and identity theft.

Our services ensure that your data is securely destroyed and un-recoverable.

All hard drives we recover are securely wiped to ensure data cannot be recovered, But if you are in an enterprise enviroment where data security is paramount and a paper trail is required, we can provide certificates of data destruction at the cost of $15 per disk.

Physical Destruction means the physical platters of the Hard Drive are destroyed rendering data unrecoverable. Our erasure methods meet DOD 5220.22-M ECE standards, By overwriting all data on the drive 7 times this renders all data unrecoverable but keeps the drive usable.


Method Pricing
Physical Destruction


All data that comes through our doors is secured and either erased or destroyed before moving on.
Hard drives WILL always be erased, and only physically destroyed upon request.

Destruction certificates, are issued per device and include asset tracking.