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At Ewaste Services, we recycle anything with a plug. Our first port of call is to reuse and deploy any reusable equipment. Any electronics that are broken or cannot be repaired or refurbished are then broken down to their individual components by one of our trained recycling technicians. Once components have been sorted, they are sent to a certified and vetted downstream partner to be reclaimed or turned into new products. We adhere to and closely follow Iso 14001, Iso 9001 and AS/NZS 5377 AS/NZS 5377:2013 - Collection, storage, transport and treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment to ensure all ewaste is documented and processed correctly in an environmentally sustainable manner. We run weekly door to door collection services for the Wellington/ Kapiti Coast and Christchurch regions and in some instances our pick up service is free. To schedule a pick up click on” Request Pickup” and we will email you back with the next available day and book you in. We also have drop off points nationwide via our Partner Network Contact us.


Screens Unit Price
CRT TV $25.00
CRT Monitor $25.00
LCD TV $25.00
LCD Monitor $25.00
Computers Unit Price
Desktop/Laptops Free
Apple iMAC $30.00
Laptop Free
Servers Free
Data Sanitisation $20.00 (per disk)
Hard Drive Destruction $20.00 (per disk)
Peripherals Unit Price
Switches/Routers Free
UPS's Free
Keyboards/Mice $2.00
Cables etc Free
Batteries: Lead Acid Free
Batteries: Lithium $9.00 (per kg)
Printers Unit Price
Printer: Small $20.00
Printer: Medium $30.00
Printer: Large $40.00
Photocopiers $40.00
Scanners $15.00
Toners $5.00
Consumer Electronics Unit Price
DVD/VCR Players $5.00
Gaming Consoles Free
Stereo Equipment $5.00
Cellphones Free
Home Appliances Unit Price
Fridge/Freezer $37.00
Dishwasher $25.00
Washing Machines $25.00
Dryers $25.00
Oil Heater $10.00
Electric Heater $5.00
Smalll Kitchen Appliances $5.00


If a type of electronic is not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us to find out our policy on your particular item.
Pricing based on Pickups. Discounts apply for drop offs to our warehouse.